Sunday, 21 October 2018

"20 Leagues Model" week #3 review (14.10.18 - 20.10.18)

Very good week...

The week off in almost all my 20 leagues (only Spain second league continued..) was something very tough to handle. So....
I decided to involve more leagues with the same strategy, so now there is 30 soccer leagues involved + NBA, NHL, KHL (also working on the hockey league of Finland).

I'll play only a half of unit on those new additions.

The results for the last week (including all the leagues) are very, very good..
So now I play 33 leagues (and the BOT is very helpful).

All, but one strategies (NBA total) are mine..

I found this strategy in one of the greatest blogs on the Earth (about betting and not only) - the blog of "Cassini" - Green All Over.

The strategy is very simple.. bet on Over in every NBA match with a posted total of 216 and above.
The results so far are amazing (I made that number 217):

14 wins - 4 losses (+4.64 units, playing 0.5 units per play..) - ROI 52.2%
I hope the bookies not loosing too much money on it, and it will take time to adjust their lines.

See Ya:)

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